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How to Disassemble and Reassemble a Turbo

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  • How to Disassemble and Reassemble a Turbo

    This is a full tear down of one of the more common turbo's
    The Garrett T3 .42/.48 turbo (and a rebuild of a T3/T4*in the Vid. this one is much more rare ,I only know of one car that uses it {stock} the Buick Grand National ) found on Most Saab and Volvo's

    Attention; This is my method (boosted ej8's) to disassemble a turbo. This is not sanctioned nor through Garrett or any other turbo manufacturer, If you so choose to use this write up as directions then do so at your OWN risk. I will not be held responsible for ANY damage done to YOUR turbo. Thank you

    2 full shots of the Turbo pre-tear down

    Compressor side housing clamps;

    Remove the two 9/16 or 14mm bolts on each section to free the compressor housing.

    You will then be left with this;

    Then to remove this nut it is best to use the close ended side of a 10mm wrench

    You will need to put a 9/16 wrench on the turbine side of the turbo blade bolt and turn in opposite directions
    This is what I call ass backwards; because you need to turn the nut to the right to loosen it and to the left to tighten it like on most rotating assemblies. You may then pull the compressor side blade off by pulling it straight up.

    You will then be left with this;

    You will then need to remove the four 8mm bolts under the compressor housing disc;

    Using the closed ended side of the wrench to break them loose then the open ended side to fully remove them works best.

    You will then be left with this;

    You will now have a oil feed disc which just pulls right off

    You will then be left with this;
    There will be two star screws the require a T-20 star head bit to be removed

    You will then be left with this;

    There is a spring lock washer that sits in a groove that must be removed;

    This was honestly the most difficult part for me as I did not have the proper tools to remove the washer
    I know they make pliers that have little tips made for removing these but as I did not have any a pair of tweezers a .050 hex key and a set of needle nose pliers made do. I would NOT recommend this method.

    You will then need to remove the turbine side clamps.

    Same size as the compressor side clamps 9/16 or 14mm

    You will then be left with this;

    You then remove the actual CHRA or Center Housing & Rotating Assembly by pulling it straight up, you will then be left with this:

    You then pull up on the dish like tray, and remove it;

    You will then be left with this;

    You then simply lift the turbine wheel and shaft and you are left with this;

    After the disassembly you'll need this

    just basically fallow the disassembly backwards (It's basically the same turbo ,just that the exhaust side is from a t4 turbo {which is larger better turbo})

    To reassemble a turbo (if it's used or worn out) you'll need a a Turbo Rebuild kit ,this is a good picture of it and what one consists of:

    #1 Journal Bearings
    #2 Retaining Rings for Journal Bearings
    #3 Piston Ring for Turbine End
    #5 Thrust Bearing
    #7 Piston Ring for Compressor End
    #8 O-Ring for Bearing Housing to Seal Plate
    #9 Retaining Ring for Seal Plate
    #10 Locknut for Shaft
    #12 Bolts for Turbine End

    The most important part of building a turbocharger that will operate quietly and efficiently for a long time is being sure that the rotating components are properly balanced, the key to maximum life out of a turbocharger is proper selection of components, precision balancing of those components, and careful assembly of the turbo. An additional balancing operation performed on the completed turbo is not absolutely necessary in most cases, but it does provide a higher degree of confidence in the final product.

    Credit to:
    IROC5spd (From www.mx6.com/forums)
    alter ego (From www.mx6.com/forums)
    boosted ej8 (From www.ej8squad.com)

    *T3/T4 turbo is called a hybrid because it has the turbine housing of a Garrett T3, (the same turbo used on the 2.3L turbo Ford Mustangs), and the compressor housing of a Garrett T4. This combination of parts allows the T3/T4 to spool up quickly and while pumping a larger volume of air than a straight T3.

    For extra info. on Turbo's ,Wastegates ,etc. see Rakes Turbo thread
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    Seem's a little unconventional for you Heco, not a bad thing! I'm reading through this wondering if I can do this but can't help but think what your motivation was for posting this haha. I've concluded that you're up to another scheme of yours, probably some mk4 gti 1.8t with a blown turbo with low milage thats cheap so you're learning about it to consider it....nahhh probably not :P

    It's a pretty basic yet detailed tear down of a simple turbo, I like. Although rebuilding a turbo can be serious business. I know I wouldn't try this on my daily haha.
    If you can't tell I gave you some rep because you put some hard work into this!

    Good job
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      This is what I'm going to use for a future project (not for a car ,just something to kill time w/and maybe make a profit on)I wouldn't never do it on my daily either,but I'd still do it on a project car or a car that isn't driven all that much.

      Thanks , I tried my best to accumulating as much helpful info as possible =)..
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        Very impressive mate. I think the forum needs more of these great threads and it would appear you are the man for the job! Great work.
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          Told you so Heco
          My 2008.5 Mazda Axela GT
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          Have you seen the MCM WIKI page? If not, click here!
          "Limit's, like fears are often an illusion"
          -Michael Jordan


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            you did=) & thanks for the kind words MOOG


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              just wondering, is it possible to just pull off the compressor/turbine housing independently without touching the chra or the blades?
              just wanted to tear down and clean/paint the housings


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                I'm not sure, but since the compressor is attached to the blades/wheel you'll still need a balance even if you pull it off (because i think that's what your getting at). But I think you can probably just tape of the sections you don't want to paint, and paint the compressor (This still requires taking the turbo out of the engine bay, but won't require a balancing).


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                  Here are a few helpful threads

                  How to rebuild your turbo:
                  This ones very detail and has a lot of pics.

                  This one is on converting your turbo into another one (like taking a T3 and making it a T3/T4)

                  Hope it helps =)


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                    Thanks for the extra info BIH. Those link have a great amount of info in them, very detailed. If anyone has extra stuff to add (to any of my threads) feel free. This forum is about helping one another and any little bit of info could be tremendously helpful to someone else.

                    Thanks again.


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                      Your welcome sharing is caring.