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A $50 paint job

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    Originally posted by TMM View Post
    just needs a wetsand and a good buff to get rid of the orange peel, should come up looking pretty good.
    Exactly what I was thinking!
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      Looks good! Not bad for what you put into it.


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        Looks good for being done outside, but did you clear coat it or did you just paint it?


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          Years ago I bought an old Corolla wagon. Took it to my mates house and he said we should give it a new paint job. I didn't have much cash on me and he said it will only cost about $20. His method.

          1 litre of house paint
          2 foam rollers
          2 paint brushes

          Being that the car was cheap I didn't really care about the paint job. We thinned the paint a lot so it was very watery. used the paint brushes to slap it on. Then used the foam rollers to finish it. 1 litre of paint gave the car 3 coats. And it looked good.
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