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Rust hole repair NEED HELP

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  • Rust hole repair NEED HELP

    Hi everyone,

    I need to know what's the requirements for repairing two rust holes in the boot of my car for it to pass roadworthy, I live in Australia Victoria

    Thank you to every one and if you need anymore information please just ask

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    you can do it the hack way and put bog over the hole, that would probably last 1 to 2 years or you can do it the proper way and cut the rust out and weld in a rust repair patch (if there available for your car) or make your own patch panel out of sheet metal.


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      Whats your car you can find replacement floor pans or rob one off a different car or do what i did with my battery box cut out the metal and cut out your own replacement panel weld it in and protect it using Tar, yes i said Tar
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        If its just the floorpan or sparewheel well of the boot it will likely pass the roadworthy without problems unless it alters the structural integrity of the car (chassis legs, suspension mounting and such).

        Well, that's the case here in Holland anyway.

        Anyway, the proper way to do it is to treat the rust with a rustconverter. Let it sit for a while untill all the rust is gone. Then clean it of, smooth out the edges of the rust holes (if there are any), weld a new piece in and properly rust proof it with primer and paint or with that anti stonechip stuff you put on the underside of cars.


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          Thanks for the replys, I'll look at seeing if it's actually needed as it wouldn't effect the cars safety in my eyes,

          And I'll see about getting the right toils to fix it with a weld patch,

          I would need a:
          Mig welder
          Cutting disk
          Grinding disk
          Sandy paper
          Scraper metal
          Primer/ paint

          Anything else?


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            Even if its legal, I'd still fix it. Having water in your car from driving through puddles sucks and will just make it rust more, eventually it will be a problem.


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              I do plan to fix the rust it's more just to get the Roady asap so then I know if I'm wasting money on other mods or if I'm better just selling her off as a donor car


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                Firstly you need to get rid of ALL the rust otherwise it will bubble bog, paint or whatever and return. I like the way Edd China does it on Wheeler Dealers. Cut a square area around the rust. Then cover the area with painters masking tape, rub your dirty finger over it which will transfer the outline of the "hole" to the tape, even on curved surfaces. Stick the tape to a sheet of steel and cut around the template. Weld the perfectly fitting patch in to the hole. If it is curved some working of the patch to fit will be needed. If you don't have a Mig, Tig or Oxy find somebody who does. Stick
                is not recommended but may work. My preference is TIG or Oxy. When welding panels, tack, stich, fill to reduce heat warping. Grind,, spray putty, paint. Like a bought one.
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                  Have organized to do exactly that in a few weekends time, tape seems to be a easy way to get your template shape with out going back and forth, really appreciate your reply

                  Why is it you prefer tig or oxy?


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                    Originally posted by Thisguy95 View Post
                    Have organized to do exactly that in a few weekends time, tape seems to be a easy way to get your template shape with out going back and forth, really appreciate your reply

                    Why is it you prefer tig or oxy?
                    more control then the other processes, weld can be hammer and dollied(planished) after, less grinding. When you weld or heat metal(enough) it shrinks so planishing the weld relieves that tension(stretches) and lets the metal return to how it was.

                    Mig welding is what's commonly used but can put in too much heat into a panel and the welds are more brittle so they can crack when planishing. Stick/arc welding is alright on heavier stuff but isn't as ''precise'' as the other processes.
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                      Thats awesome thankyou, appreciate your time to explain your knowledge