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Cheap interior update/changing gear/handbrake gaiter

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  • Cheap interior update/changing gear/handbrake gaiter

    Here's a cheap mod you can do in less than an hour and a half.

    Shopping list for this:
    -New gear/handbrake gaiter
    -Trim removal tool would be handy if you have one
    -Glue might be handy

    One thing about my MiTo I couldn't help but notice is how bland the all black (fake) leather interior looksOne way to add some color to the inside is to simply change the gear and handbrake gaiters for ones with colored stitching, This is how I went about it.

    I had a look through Ebay and found some custom fit parts for the centre console of my Alfa, yellow stitch gear gaiter and yellow stitch handbrake one with an Italian flag running down it, I forgot to take photos of the handbrake one but basically for this car there is a clip on it you just undo and pull the Velcro apart and pull up carefully, there's a plastic retaining clip thing underneath that you might break if you are too hasty with removal. This is very easy and needs no tools, should take you 10 mins tops.

    Next up is changing the gear boot, to do this screw your (gear) nob until it falls off, with this car anyway be careful as there is a spring under it that's very much needed for the reverse lockout the shifter has, once this is done you now need to get the factory gaiter off, remember that nice, tasty plastic retaining clip I mentioned before? Good because there's one under the shifter as well and it's under even more tension and is easier to break -_- My solution to the problem was to simply fire loads of glue under the side that lost all it's clips,Bare in mind I only did this as there is no type 955 MiTos being scrapped near me (the only one was on fire) so there was no alternative, these clips are less than than euro if you need a new one. If you're careful this won't be a problem, full install on this car even with the issues and having to recut the material to fit properly only took around 30 mins, it was really easy and transforms the look of an interior. If you got this far thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful
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    quick easy mod that looks great! I actually got mine suede and stitched from etsy for the same price and the ebay specials.