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How to lay carbonfiber on wood.

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    That thing is sitting in the same spot. I have been sanding my B***s off trying to knock down the high spots. I wish I had a grinder. I havve the pads but no grinder. If I did I could knock dwwn the boogers then sand with course emery cloth. I have not leak tested it again but it should be much better. Then after everything is roughed out I can lay my two carbon fiber strengthening layers. I am comfident when its done it will hold 30 psi all day. right now it holds zero.


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      Yeah, it will hold, and if it don't, just add another layer
      Where do your part stop ? throttle body ?
      My car : MG TF (2003)


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        It connects to the water to air intercooler via a silicone hose on one side then to 4 throttle bodies on the other.


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          So I am lazy so I am gonna stick this right meyah. Now If you got no money but got the fiber and resin. I am going to teach you a trick to make excellent flat surfaces and light curves! This also stops amine blush!!! Amine blush is the spoge left on the part after its chooched.

          All you gotta do is use a dollar store clear folder! Or you could use something similar that will seal up on one side or two then you can pour your resin in a corner and push the excess out using pressure. Then if you gotta do a simple radiused corner you can tape the sucker down while it kicks off. I never had a piece of fiber come out so nice. The best part is the lack of pinholes!