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How to lay carbonfiber on wood.

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    That thing is sitting in the same spot. I have been sanding my B***s off trying to knock down the high spots. I wish I had a grinder. I havve the pads but no grinder. If I did I could knock dwwn the boogers then sand with course emery cloth. I have not leak tested it again but it should be much better. Then after everything is roughed out I can lay my two carbon fiber strengthening layers. I am comfident when its done it will hold 30 psi all day. right now it holds zero.


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      Yeah, it will hold, and if it don't, just add another layer
      Where do your part stop ? throttle body ?
      My car : MG TF (2003)


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        It connects to the water to air intercooler via a silicone hose on one side then to 4 throttle bodies on the other.