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Indicator/windscreen wiper stalk swap

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  • Indicator/windscreen wiper stalk swap

    We bought a Suzuki SX4 a few years back,a European spec, with Indicators on the left , and windscreen wipers on the right side of the steering wheel. Opposite to the other cars in the family stable, enough of you know the drill. swap cars and the first couple of intersections, windscreen wipers are going ,hands flying everywhere as logic competes with muscle memory or some such thing.So the local pickapart has an SX4 come in and as luck would have it , standard indicators and wiper stalk, $45 later I have the pair,
    A simple job of three screws holding upper and lower covers behind the steering wheel, then one clip holds the plastic units in a steel bracket, un plug the connectors and your done.
    Plugging in the new ones produced some interesting results, none desired, and there may have been a fuse or two replaced.
    Long story short the plugs are rotated 180 degrees, the windscreen wiper one was a single row so I just trimmed the plug retainer and rotated the plug. The indicator stalk had some adjacent pins so I did a you tube search of how to remove the connector pins individually and reversed them. It took a bit to learn the knack, but once you have it its easy, should have done that first with the wiper plug but never mind, its all good now.
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    I was going to say, depinning is definitely the easier way to reconfigure the pins on a connector!


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      True, I spent an afternoon trying to "de-pin the plug" with no luck, I trimmed the plug just to get some progress and confirm my theory of operation. It was only after a nights sleep, and a good look on the web of how the pin is held, and how to release it, that I worked it out.
      Also, I forgot to mention, take a photo of the plug before "de-pinning" so you can reverse the layout.


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        Would you recommend this for the general public driving a Euro-spec car? My last car was a manual SB Barina (rebadged Opel Corsa), so of course it had the indicators on the left, and trying to change gear; indicate; and steer all at the same time while going round a roundabout was always interesting!