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2.0 to 1.8 swap questions

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  • 2.0 to 1.8 swap questions

    I have a 04 jetta w/2.0 manual. I recently was given a beat up 04 passat w/1.8t automatic, but the turbo is blown. Ok. So, I want to put the 1.8t into my jetta but keep the manual trans from the 2.0. Can anyone tell me if it will just button up and is the switch worth it?
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    Don't bother

    Get yourself a PD130 engine and gearbox, stick on a hybrid turbo and a remap. Much better engine and it'll be far better to drive with the available mid range torque.
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      Old thread but going to tell a few things.

      As passat has an longitudinal engine, you would need all the engine accessories, engine mounts, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, and turbo from transverse engine to fit it right into your jetta. Also this can't be done with the transmission coming from passat, so you can use the manual trans from your jetta. To make the original manual trans work with the new engine, you would need flywheel and clutch kit from transverse 1.8t transmission. You need to use the engine electrics and ecu from passat, which means you need to reprogram the engine anti-start to work with your jetta's anti-theft system.


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        Indeed, there's no easy way to do this. Jetta has the engine mounted transverse, while a Passat from that era (B5 generation) has a longitudinal mounted engine. I'd buy a good Passat B5 shell and swap the 1.8t drivetrain in that.