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2014 Toyota Corolla what now?

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  • 2014 Toyota Corolla what now?

    like owning a reliable appliance boring but it doesn't have to be I like it but it's the same as all the others millions of them I see every day and I gess my question is how do you make a domestic car turn heads can it be done DIY in my drive way with a buget of $1000 ??????

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    I have a 2009 Scion XD, and I just upgraded all the lights (interior, brake, headlight, etc) to LEDs, so far it's probably been around a $300 investment. Not sure if your Corolla already comes with stock LEDs, but being able to see better is always a nice improvement.
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      Its got led head lights stock I'm thinking 17 inch rims murderd out black wrap the hood bc coil overs tint windows but every one else's cars look like that I want to do something different . It a brand new car 0km on it 140hp 2014 Toyota Corolla let eco what would Marty and moog do to it ????????


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        i want more power but I can have it without paying $big money for superchager turbos are $4000 bucks for all the parts I need. even my mighty car mods Sticker is not working and I have no turbo yoda or mechanical stig. I'm going to have to murder out this Corolla black with green neons steel me some trucks fast a furious Styles