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How to rebuild a subaru EJ20 / EJ25

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  • How to rebuild a subaru EJ20 / EJ25

    I have rebuilt a few EJ's in my time So i decided i would make some videos of my current rebuild. Is it sad that this is getting easy?
    This build is a EJ25 block with 2.0 heads.
    Part 1

    Part 2

    This is alot older video of the rebuilding the bottom end.

    I know it isnt super detailed but hope it can still help someone.
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    got any vids of rebuilding EJ205's? any tips or tricks? I'm looking at doing some work on mine in the near future


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      The EJ20 = EJ205
      Building a 205 is damn near identical to rebuilding a 255
      So these vidoes would work for your motor,