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  • Engine swap


    I already did swap on my car. To 2.0liter 150hp engine.
    but now i got my hands on cheap 2.3turbo engine from mazda mps. On the first look every mount and clip is identical. Even the connectors for ecu etc.

    But i still have some worries

    I use this car as daily and i still want to have all of the "luxury" like ac and radio and other things that go over ecu and other electrical components.

    My worries are not if it will fit or will there be place in engine bay that thing i can manage.

    My worries are ecu and other conputers. Like how will the car original electronics support and manage turbo etc etc etc.

    any help please

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    it really depends on what car you have. some cars, like vw, are VERY easy to swap many different engines around, because most of the car stays the same. it's hard to say in your case, because we dont know what car you have, and which 2.3T you are looking at getting. generally, if that 2.3 was available in your same car somewhere in the world, it should swap easily, and usually you can easily connect things like the AC and charging system. also, the engine's wiring harness may possibly have the same plugs on it where it plugs into the fuse panel or computer. these are things you would need to check before spending the money. if you can give us more information on the new motor, and your current car, maybe we can give you more specific answers.
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