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How to recarpet a car?

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  • How to recarpet a car?

    Hello MCM forum,

    So I have bought a Subaru Legacy (Liberty if you're an Aussie) Blitzen wagon and a Legacy/Liberty Lancaster wagon. Originally I wanted to by the EZ30 from the Lancaster and swap it into the Blitzen, but when I bought the Blitzen it was no road legal in my country and would cost me about $500 just to get it certified to drive on the road again, then after the engine swap and all the other mods I have planned I'd have to pay another $500 to get all the mods certified and if it failed at any point I'd have to get those issues fixed and then pay ANOTHER $500 to get it checked again. Basically it could break the bank before it even gets off the ground. BUT the Lancaster I own IS road legal and a friend suggested I just swap all the interior, panels, transmission, etc. from the Blitzen to the Lancaster. Save doing an engine swap and it would be a road legal car already. Only issue it I want it to look as close to a stock Blitzen as possible. The reason for this I don't want to get into here but basically its me and an old friends dream to own a Blitzen after we raced them on Gran Turismo when we were kids. This includes the interior.

    I can easily do a respray of the roof and A pillars to get them to match the doors and panels I'll swap from the Blitzen (which is red) but the carpets in the Lancaster are a creamy white and in the Blitzen they are black. Because the entire Blitzen interior is black it'll stand out like a sore thumb.

    SO what I'm trying to ask is, is it difficult to swap the interior floor carpets from one car to another? And if so what is needed to do so? I know its easy enough to remove them but can they be taken out in such a way they can be reinstalled in another car of the same shape?

    Cheers for any and all help.

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    Super easy, they're heat-formed, so they'll hold their shape and slide right back in.
    No drama at all.

    While the carpets are out, I suggest buying a small pack of sound deadener (dynamat, stinger, PingJing, whoever really) and knocking on the floor.
    You'll find some areas just go 'Thunk', sort of like knocking on wood; these do not need adding to.
    Some areas will go 'Dong' and sound like dull metal; these should get a layer of sound deadener.
    If you can find some brush on deadener that is not asphalt based and you have a day or two to let it fully cure, then a single brush on layer can be good too.

    While it's out, Ive found the best thing to wash carpets with was good old dish soap, and a pressure washer; it's designed to clean off oils, so it strips all the stuff you don't want off the carpets, and since it's just pure soap and salt; shouldn't damage any dye (I've done tons of carpets, including a lot of subarus).

    Let it dry for a few days, so it's TOTALLY BONE DRY, then you can spray on stain protector on the top side, and a carpet scent on the underside.

    Just a few tips; it's all optional; just an out-and-in takes no effort