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Legacy/Liberty frame thickness

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  • Legacy/Liberty frame thickness

    Hi guys. So here's my question. The 2003 Legacy I bought has some front end damage and has been very badly repaired by the previous owner and I'd need to cut, realign the frame and weld it back together. Only problem is I dont know how thick the steel is the makes up the front unirails. My issue is that I cant weld metal thinner than 1.6mm with my welder (old oil cooled 220A transformer welder)

    So does anyone know how thick the steel is?

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    Oh my oh my

    This might be some hard truth, or at least as I see it and I work on cars on a daily basis:

    First: Cutting and welding on a frame needs a ****ton of experience. Not only the welds must be perfect, but you also need to choose the place where you make the cuts perfectly. Because heat (welding) weakens the material. And you don't want a weakened frame as it would result in bad accident behaviour. So welding on a frame is dangerous af.

    Second: To align a frame properly you need factory measurements and then the equipment to apply those measurements on point (laser and other measurement stuff). Otherwise you'll end up with a bent frame after all. If you haven't done this before, I'd recommend to get it done - which will however cost more than a 2003 Legacy is worth.

    So here my advice, as much as it must hurt.

    Strip the car apart, sell the parts you won't need for the next one and buy another used Legacy, before you put time and money in it with no good result.


    PS: Here in Switzerland you car would lose the permission, if they found out you ****ed the frame. And trust me, they will find out since you have to get the car inspected every 2 years. There are a few shops who do it properly. But it is only recommended for like old Ferraris and stuff, as it is expensive af.


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      A repair like that would require extensive engineering sign off in NZ also, by the time the work had been done and certified you'd be well past the value of an 03 Legacy. Grab a good chassis with a blown motor, rip and replace all the things


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        Post up photo of the welder and damage.
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