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How to remove clear coat

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  • How to remove clear coat

    The hood on my car has flaking clear coat the paint underneath is perfect so I just want to put a new layer of clear coat on.
    Is my only approach to just sand back the clear with super fine sandpaper, as to not damage the paint, until its all gone?
    Is there another way I can take the clear coat off with out taking off the paint underneath?

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    i tried doing this with my nova mate tbh its easier taking it back to metal i had so many problems with it its not funny a quick touch up turned into a 3 day job :/ best guess would be is to find one at the wreckers with the same colour
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      maybe a cut and polish

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        thanks guys. cut and polish worked a little. but it was gonna take hours.
        I will just get some like 1000 grit and go really softly and slowly.


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          Acid. But you might lose some paint in the process. And metal.

          Just da sand it off and repaint then put clear. Then hit it wit dat colour sand and buff yo.

          I think this would look better than just redoing clear.

          But to answer your question, i have no idea how to just take off the clear.
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          Yes downforce on the rear wheels is essential for a FWD car


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            Well, it'll remove your clear coat and everything else.


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              Check out Custom Spray Mods on YouTube. Fairly sure Dave has covered this in a video before. If not, PM DaveVG on here and I'm sure he'll help you out.