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keyless push button help.

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  • keyless push button help.

    I know these have been discused before, and mcm have done a video on installation. I know it has been said that keyless push start(which is the only useful way to have it) is to close to "hot wiring a car" to do a video on, i would like to do a keyless push start buy idk what ignition wise i will have to bypass, such as sterring wheel lock or anything else. So if anyone has info or a good direction to point me in that would be awsome. And thank you.

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    you wont get much help here as we're all rather touchy about stolen vehicles and the like. putting up how to bypass steering locks and exactly which wires to do will give would be theives who don't already know all the info they need to go knick cars that and depending on how old you car is you may have factory immobilizer which mean you''ll need the key anyway
    the build it started as show and quickly turned into GO!

    Mitsubishi service and electrical manuals hosted by me for you mitsi nuts

    Originally posted by MOOG
    right next to my Silvia was an old Mitsubishi colt that had somehow managed to dodge the flames and was fine! absolutely perfect. every ugly panel of it. i could almost feel the Mitsubishi badge laughing at me and I've hated them ever since.


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      I understand. Can never know if that information will be used by the wrong people, but thats why i asked if anyone had a good directn to point me in. Thank you anyway.


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        If I ever was going to steal a car, it'd just be jamming a screwdriver in. But that's mostly because I'm retarded.

        The ignition button is really simple, as it's just some soldering and drilling a hole to mount the button. You have to use a multimeter to check some wires, and for the ignition wires, you can touch to check. However, I really find no point in an ignition button, but the keyless ignition button is pretty cool.

        Similar to the BMW's and other luxury cars, you could wire in a range sensor (could salvage one from an alarm remote), and wire it up to your car where if the key comes within range, the ignition circuit is partially completed except for the ignition button door. Once you press the ignition button, the door is closed and the circuit is fully completed, starting the car. The secondary door from the range sensor makes it so the circuit can't be completed unless the key remote is in range. This actually functions as an added safety feature. I'll see if I can find the detailed how-to thread and post the link.


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          So how did you go with this? I want to make my wife's 2007 Ford Territory keyless entry and keyless start, so she can just carry the key in her bag and not have to get the key out.