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How to repair plastic bumper (Cracked)

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  • How to repair plastic bumper (Cracked)

    So looks like someone either reversed into my car or something at the car park yesterday.. Here's a pic:

    How would i go about fixing it.. was watching that video where Marty fixed Moogs s15, but that was a gash rather than a ripped bumper.

    Would epoxy 2 part glue do it?

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    I'm no expert, but if it were my bumper, i'd be stripping back a section, and using something like plasti-bond to fix the crack. Then sand it all down, and re spray.

    Iv'e used plasti-bond on heaps of stuff before (including wood, metal, plastic and concrete), and I love the stuff!

    if you use epoxy, make sure it's not quick dry, as quick dry is brittle. If it's quick, dry mix it so you use less harder. This should make it less brittle.
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      I would take off the bumper and use bondo on it or bog. Make sure you use high grit sandpaper because you'll be working on a plastic bumper. Then prime and paint. I would watch a few videos on how to match paint and learn a few techniques, just so it isn't noticeable. Good Luck.


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        Best option would be plastic weld the crack. Is possible to do DIY but you need a plastic welder. I've seen them on ebay for around $100. There might be a plastic welder in your area who might fix it for the cost of buying the tool.

        You might be able to use a soldering iron, but often this just burns the plastic instead of melting/moulding it together due to the temperature and heat dispersion.

        If you wanted a cheap repair, then a 2 part epoxy araldite glue might be enough to hold it together. You might be able to mend it with the right choice of glue. You want something that is strong strong and still flexible, which is what you need for plastic bumpers as they can get knocked and they naturally flex in the heat. This can be hard to find. I think an epoxy could do it well enough. Maybe contact a glue manufacturer like Araldite and see if they have any recommendations. That, or head to your local supplier like a Hardware store (Bunnings?).

        If you're good with fibreglassing/fabrication, then you could probably fireglass it on the inside as well. There's a guy on youtube called WJP004p who does heaps of fabrication work with fibreglass, and even carbon fibre. Very helpful videos that could easily teach you how to fibreglass the crack. He made custom fibreglass mounts for a R32 bumper he fitted to his rallycar magna, and even after a collision, the mounts retained their strength and shape so he knows what he's doing.

        Sucks to hear about the damage. So crap! Wish people had guts to own up to stupid things they do and not leave others out of pocket.

        Be sure to also check out CustomSprayMods, Mightycarmods and MCMTV2 vids on how to paint car panels to also be able to repaint the bumper for cheap.

        Good luck!
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          How to repair plastic bumper (Cracked)

          Zip ties. Very easy.


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            How to repair plastic bumper (Cracked)

            Dangerzon3, stop grave digging threads, this one is over three months old.
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