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good cams for a ga16de?

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  • good cams for a ga16de?

    been trying to find some good cams for a ga16de but have so far come up empty, i've checked jim wolf, brian crower, tomei and andy's auto sport but no one makes any, word on the street is that jim wolf made the best ones but unfortunately they stopped production awhile back, anyone know of anyone who still makes good ga16 cams

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    Your best bet is to find out the specifications for the Jim Wolf cams then get some cams custom ground to those specs. If Jim Wolf is still in business they may supply the cam specs (can't hurt to ask ) or they may even be able to grind you a new set. Otherwise look elsewhere than cams for power as the GA16DE isn't a popular engine for tuning so there is unlikely to be hot cams on the shelf. Maybe look on Ebay, someone may have some 2nd hand ones they want to part with...

    Good luck