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Suzuki SX4 Blown motor

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  • Suzuki SX4 Blown motor

    Hey guys,

    in need of some advice and direction, my dads 08' suzuki sx4 manual blew up on the weekend and were having dramas trying to find someone or somewhere we could get a replacementt engine. apparently theres 2 different model motors, the difference being one has an aluminium rocker cover and the other a plastic one, does anyone know what are best and cost effective choice would be?

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    I can't remember off the top of my head, it'll either be a 1.5 M15A, 1.6 M16A, or 1.8 M18A.

    I can possibly put you in touch with some reputable workshops to source a replacement depending on where you are in Australia.
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      we live in western sydney mate, its a 2litre motor, dont know the specs though,


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        Wow, 2008 car and the engine blew? Why?

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          Originally posted by Mcmerc01 View Post
          Wow, 2008 car and the engine blew? Why?
          Probably ran out of oil.

          It's becoming more common because manufacturers specify stupidly thin oil in order to quote better mileage. The result is that the car burns oil quickly and the oil needs to be topped up in between changes. Some new cars are so bad that they burn 1 Litre of oil every 2000km!


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            Another 2008 Suzuki SX4 Blown motor - Beware of this car.

            We too are the unlucky owners of this dodgy car. I read somewhere on another forum that there was a wrong rod bearing installed in manufacturing process. Apparently Someone from Suzuki stated this over the phone but I have not found anything official or at least no recall has been released as yet.

            If you google rod bearing for Suzuki SX4 you will find many disgruntled customers who I am sure will not purchase from Suzuki again.


            Imagine buying a brand new car to have the engine destroyed in just over 3 years. Running premium oil and always serviced. Very disappointing.

            Sorry to hear another victim of a poor quality car. We also looking for a motor so keep us updated on how you go.