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Turboing Daihatsu Ej Engine

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  • Turboing Daihatsu Ej Engine

    I know marty and moog had the turboed Cuore but i want a more in depth explanation on how to turbo the 1L Cuore engine if anyone can help with that.
    99 Daihatsu Gino / White turd Cuore rollin

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    I'd say just google it, usually the best way
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      Ive had about ten g11 charade turbos and just bought another yesterday with forged pistons, custom manifold, upgraded water cooled subaru b4 turbo and custom dump and exhaust amongst other things...
      ive always wanted a twin cam 12 vale head model from a gtti but theyre super rare and hard to get and expensive, and then yesterday i saw a mega low km 1L twin cam sirion for $500... so im thinkinng hmmm, more modern engine, maybe same as cuore ? Might be cheaper to fit one of these complete and turbo it

      best of luck with yours too


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        Hey, I'm building a supercharged EJDE Cuore atm using s Speeduino ECU. I'm just going to get it running with the stock engine first, but then I will add a AMR500 supercharger. I haven't gone into much detail in my post yet, but I'll try to write a build thread eventually
        Hi everyone, I've been a fan of the show since the beginning and on the forum for ages, but have never really posted or anything. I'm doing a decent project now