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  • Twin Turbo Audi

    So recently I purchased a 2002 Audi A6 2.7 Quattro. It has two turbos and is my first turboed car so I have some questions. What are some good mods that would help the car run better, I was thinking intake and blow off valves but after looking at some audi forums they say that intakes don't really do much and the blow off valves harm the engine. So if any of you guys have suggestions please let me know also this is my first car that isn't Japanese so if any of you are audi experts it would be great. Thanks.

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    Have you checked out APR tuning? They have diverter valves for the A6 ​​​​​​​


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      congratulations, you own the finest engine audi ever made. It's also one of the more fickle. Read a hell of a lot and learn all you can before even considering modifying it, or I guarantee you'll waste a lot of time. Those two little blow off valves, for instance, are actually part of what is effectively your accelerator pedal. More specifically, the 2.7 Biturbo doesn't so much have a throttle as a "torque request pedal" which "translates the user requirement for desired torque" into the right amount of broom from the engine by a) varying the position of the electronic throttle butterfly, b) varying the fuel injection amount and/or timing within the intake stroke, c) varying the ignition advance, d) varying the boost pressure diverted from the intake path by the diverter (blow off) valves, e) varying the wastegate control valve duty cycle (yes it has electronic wastegates: 5 to 25 psi are all available from the ecu's point of view, but which turbos are installed determine what values are actually used) or f) some combination of more than one of these systems.

      It's a phenomenally complicated engine, MTM used to charge
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