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PS2 or PS3 install

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  • PS2 or PS3 install

    Hey guys,

    i own a 2002 Toyota Camry ACV36R

    i would like to install either a PlayStation 2 slim or a super slim PlayStation 3 into my car.

    As far as I'm aware I need:
    -a inverter
    -the ps2/PS3
    -a head unit which has A/V or HDMI (I chose use a HDMI to A/V converter)

    the only thing i am worried about is
    a) because I live in Australia, PS2 will be PAL, if I buy a head unit online does it need to support PAL as well (i have heard someone buying a head unit and it was made for NTSC)
    b) the type of inverter I need

    if anybody could suggest me a flip out headunit which has a large screen and has A/V or HDMI connectivity please do

    finally, FYI
    -car will be on while playing
    -car will be stable while playing

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    Might have better luck putting a TV in the trunk with a complete sound system. IMHO.

    Can you fit a double din or only a single? http://mobile.jvc.com/multimedia/kw_v620bt/
    If you want to play newer games in your car I would go with the PS3. But the PS2 with a Component to HDMI converter would have good GPX too.

    and to power the whole thing.

    1991 Bronco Eddie Bauer ~ 351w EFI 5.8 (5752cc) ~ E4OD ~ BW1356 (Manual) ~ Manual Hub{s} ~ 265/75 r15



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      I've got a inverter, now only the headunit, I prefer any, but it would be cool to have a flip out screen