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Intake Plenum and intake info. Lotus Esprit

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  • Intake Plenum and intake info. Lotus Esprit

    So I am going to just knock it right out of the park with my first post. I have been watching Marty and Moog since they chopped the roof off that car to make it go faster so quite a while now. Recently their endeavors inspired me to just go ahead and get my dream car a real " Super car". But as with many 90's "Performance cars" The thing isn't so super. it may have the most " Go juice" out of everything I have owned but the thing quite sucks balls. In fact I dare say it sucks Unicorn balls. 267 H.P. thats like what my NA Audi was putting out before it ended up on jackstands... The car in question is a freshly rebuilt 1990 Lotus Esprit SE. It comes complete with the weakest transmission ever put int a super car natorious for snapping input shafts and crown wheels and a super awesome GM batch fire.... ECM...
    The whole build should go something like this: Haltech Elite 750 ECM, 1000cc Precision injectors, Up to to bosch 044 fuel pumps, forged guts in a stress relieved block, A nice radius'd valve job along with a custom head job done by ME, stainless or titular titanium turbo header,a hand fabbed carbon fiber intake plenum and a ... Bigger turbo ( Looking into whats right.)
    This hopefully will push me into a respectable 500 H.P. which should smash the tranny into little pieces... Just kidding I hope to find a Porsche unit.

    the Intake plenum is what I need help with. I live in Japan but nowhere near any decent car culture. About the best performance I have seen is a big turbo dumped into an STI with straight pipes and gutted. I think martys wagon could take em... Thats a lie I saw a new skyline but you know 7,500,000 JPY was the price tag of his mods. I am a school teacher with a background in custom car performance. I am not good with the science and math part.

    With all that here is what I have: 2.2L Engine. 45mm ITB's stock, 60mm turbo piping and turbo outlet, stock plenum is 2200cc. I dont know if I should enlarge the intake volume or not. After reading a performance car forum the best I could come up with was the possibility of 3000cc.

    Since already said too much in this post I might as well ask is round better than flat bottom? I prefer mine to be a little round in the bottom end.
    Lotus esprit factory plenum plate.

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    So 3000cc Is actually about right according to someone who is an engineer on lotus forums. it is 1.5 times the displacement. I will be doing a Youtube video on the painful process of CCing the original plenum. Cutting a template and carving the foam. I do not have the foam yet but I will post up a link soon in hopes that the boys from mighty car mods think its cool. Just be forewarned I am not a youtuber and editing was .... chopped at best. Ill get cracking on this ASAP boys but the thing should be finished by Christmas.

    Anyone know why I need to put up photos every time? New profile thing? A rule I missed?


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      You don't need to put up photos. just hit post reply
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        Martin man I don't know if its my browser ( Firefox) or what but it comes up with an explanation point and wont let me post without... also the photo icon is selected in blue and I can only unselect it by selecting the link icon.

        By the way I have a brick of foam sitting in my bedroom. I used a bunch of radius's to make a snail curve into the venturis. I have not carved it yet as I am working out the final volume but its looking big possibly 3.4L on the thing. I am trying hard to keep it under 3.3L. With such small intake runner diameter and inlet diameter I worry about sluggish response.

        Yeah man its still asking for a photo so I am gonna upload one of the intake.
        It took me 20 minuites to write this...FML I am so busy. The photo is appropriatley labled for entrance and exit of air! Unicorn fart air that is!


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          Made some progress on the Plenum today. I gotta ask. Anybody know if I cut my charge cooler outlet away and put a 100mm outlet on it to a 100mm inlet would that be a good idea?


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            Obviously something got fixed either in my P.C. or on here as I do not have to post links anymore. I again consulted the man,a real engineer who has a pretty sick car. He informed me that 90 mm is good as the outlet of the turbo is only 2.5in or in metric 65mm ish. I got my positive foam guy all molded up but with one slight issue. I cut for the ports before I was finished designing the thing and they are too high in the foam so I will be fixing that. I will be posting photos of the positive up soon and I should have glass and cloth by the end of the month. Its gonna be sick man!