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Suspension suggestions?

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  • Suspension suggestions?

    I own a 2010 Cooper S Clubman. The front driver's side strut is leaking a bit and feels a little soft. I figure if I'm going to replace the front pair, might as well do all four corners.

    That said, I'm leaning toward Bilstein. I understand the B4 sport struts are a decent OEM replacement, but should I also consider the B6's?

    A couple considerations:

    A lot of the roads in this town are pretty rough. I'm not expecting anywhere near luxury-car comfort with a sport-tuned suspension, but I'd like to keep my fillings in my teeth.

    There aren't a lot of twisty roads 'round here, so current spirited driving conditions involve a lot of straightaways and broad curves.

    Thanks ahead of time for your suggestions and ideas!