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Suspension set up

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  • Suspension set up

    Im slowly working through replacing the suspension on my jag x type sport. The stock suspension is quite stiff. Im keeping the front stock but think i might stiffing the rear suspension. I.e poly bushes, stiffer rear shocks and lowered rear springs all round. Im looking into fitting wheel spacers to the rear wheels just to bring it closer in line with the wheel arches. From what i read, the rear wheels can not have the camber adjusted but the front can. But i dont see it necessary to adjust that.

    any input before i start on the rear suspension?

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    As long as you dont have CATS or any weird electronic suspension to be weary of.

    EDIT: CATS is a jaguar suspension system. I had it in my XK8
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      No electrical suspension. Its all basic stuff. Mostly ford.