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Need help with turbo sizing

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  • Need help with turbo sizing

    Need a bit of guidance on what turbo would be best for my build. I'm turboing and converting my 1988 Mitsubishi Triton to efi. It has a 4g54 (2.7 4cyl) I currently have 2 turbos lying around but I don't think either will work. I have a Chinese t04e (I'll link the eBay ad) and a Garrett t04z. My guess it that the e will be too small and the z will be way too big. My question is should I be looking at finding a t28 or will the t04e work? I'm only aiming for 200hp on stock internals. I can go up to a max Max of 12psi before I need forged internals. Thanks in advance

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    Depending on the exact specs but both are probably well over your target.
    the Z i wouldn't even consider.
    the E would be usable but still more of a top end setup. is the E a 46 trim?


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      Yeah I figured the z is too big. Was ment for my old fd rx7 that I had to reluctantly sell. I'm probably not going to use the t04e as I'm wanting a genuine turbo now