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Daihatsu L701 engine replacement

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  • Daihatsu L701 engine replacement

    Hi everyone!

    It looks like out little cuore has a cracked cylinder head (before that the gasket blew and after replacing it it was fine for a short while) and in order to save time and money I want to replace the engine. The car is from 01 with an EJ-DE engine and I want to put in the "same" engine which I already have. However it seems that the new engine is from an older car since it doesn't have an intake cam position sensor and the solenoid on the first cam bearing cap is also missing (also the coolant doesn't go through the intake manifold into the pump). Is there any chance that the engine will run on the same wiring and ECU (I have little hope for that)? Is it possible to swap over the missing parts (I guess I would also have to swap the cams and first cam bearing cap)?

    I really don't feel like fixing the old engine since it seems like a lost cause but at the same time I have little hope that the replacement engine is going to work with the wiring I have.

    Any information would be appreciated.
    The start of this journey....