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Toyota Celica help

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  • Toyota Celica help

    Was planning on buying a new project car i've always liked and dreamed of working on. (Plus is pretty much the only thing I could find here worth working on) It's a 1993 maybe 1994 Toyota Celica 2.0, I was planning on doing something with NOS but I don't know if the gearbox can take the extra HP or if I need to mod and replace anything else in the vehicle. (I'm new to cars, in general). Any help will be greatly appreciated! Please suggest any other mods or tunning advice for me to consider before buying.

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    i almost wouldnt worry too much with NOS, if you have the 3SGE engine they are pretty tough engines that came in N/A, high compo N/A and turbo forms, i guess it depends on what kinda of power figures you want.

    what engine did yours come with?


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      i have a toyota Celica Gen 7 but im wondering what would be involved with taking the SR20DET from a RWD nissan 200sx s14a with a nissan primera p11 SR20DE FWD Gearbox and get a sr20det ecu engine harnes with a digital dash cluster so that i dnt have to hack out my interior the engine bay is big enough.. I was wondering if MCM would be able too give this type of project for an episode a go? ive done a bit of research and i know the fwd gearbox would work on a sr20det block but with the sr20det the starter motor is block mounted which will need either blanking off and mayb a modification for the fwd gearbox to have a bit of modification. this is a personal project of which i dnt think anyone has yet tried most go for rwd conversions


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        Hi Respeonaz

        If you use aftermarket engine management and wiring - to support your digital dashboard and engine conversion, then the rest is all mechanical work which will need to be figured out for your specific application. That's probably the easiest way.

        The complicated way (in my opinion of course) is trying to merge the Nissan engine loom and the Toyota interior loom - even if you plan on using the nissan cluster there will be LOTS of splicing to do. Alan aka Turbo Yoda has a video which shows you whats required when merging/splicing engine looms here: https://youtu.be/3YEw5tY3kdw

        Many engine swaps have been covered in MCM episodes. The general gist of things are the same. (MOOG's B swapped Mini for example, although an extreme case).

        SR20DE and DET use the same engine block, I swear the starter motors are mounted exactly the same way. There should be no issue fitting the FWD gearbox. I scrapped my P11 a long time ago else I'd go out and look at it.

        edit: have a look at this. Google is your friend https://www.sr20forum.com/turbo/4855...t-u-think.html
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          if im completely honest, swapping an SR20 into a gen 7 celica is a waste of a good engine, if you have a 2ZZ engine, those engines rev hard, even more so if they are manual