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Spark plug electrode distance

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  • Spark plug electrode distance

    Because I recently had my Mazda 2 converted to run LPG I want to change the spark plugs to ones which can withstand a higher heat (when running on LPG the engine can hesitate + the interval has come up). How do I find out the correct electrode distance or if it needs to be a different distance from when it was running on gasoline?

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    AFAIK. you keep the gap the same. You might go one step colder on the plugs, but if the engine is stock or nearly so, OEM should be fine. How worn are the current plugs?


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      if you are using copper based spark plugs they should be changed usually 10,000 to 15,000k's, other materials may last longer, just use the standard OEM gapping, only time you need to worry about gapping is if you are running boost or there's another reason for it


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        NGK should list a LPG option sparkplug on their online catalogue, use that one!