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Engine Build Question (EJ25 Build)

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  • Engine Build Question (EJ25 Build)

    I am beginning a project that I estimate will take me approximately 2-3 years to complete due to everything I am wanting to do on the build. But the engine is the main focus of all my questions. I've only worked on Chevy V8's and never delved into turbo land.

    First off I want to say that this engine is going into a Factory Five 818C so it will be mounted mid engine in a car that weighs around 2100-2200 lbs. I am wanting to get at least 650 hp minimum at the wheels so the build would have to be bullet proof. Are there any suggestions on building up an EJ25 and what can be done? Right now I've been talking to an engine builder (Crawford Performance) to get the engine to turn out what I am looking for. But since it is mid engine mounted both breathing and intercooler are an issue.

    I am looking to build an Air to Water intercooler setup and am looking for any other suggestions and suggestions as far as parts and components as this is my first build into import land.

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    Just put the intercooler at the front where the radiator goes and run long pipes. This doesn't increase lag and its far simpler than running an air - water cooler. Which you still need to cool the water so you'll end up with an air - water - air cooler. so you're really back to square one with that.

    Alternatively you could run the intercooler right at the back, and duct air from underneath the car, through the cooler and out the back - this has an aerodynamic benefit as well.

    As for building the engine, well if it's Crawford Performance I'm thinking of then I'm sure you've no worries with that. They're going to know what's best for an EJ25 build, they've been doing Subaru engines long enough.

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      If I were you, I'd ask Factory Five what they think for the intercooler situation. They'll know what other customers have done and will be able to point you in the right direction.