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Do you need to remove a Boxer engine to change a timing belt?

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  • Do you need to remove a Boxer engine to change a timing belt?

    Hey guys,

    So I just bought my first Subaru, but the timing belt needs to be changed. I have an uncle who is a mechanic and is willing to help me change it however, we have both never changed one on a boxer engine before. Can it be done without removing the engine from the car? He knows what needs to be done as its a pretty simple change but because of the layout of the engine I'm not sure if we can in fact do it without moving the engine. If someone cold give me some more insight it'd be much appreciated!



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    Yeah just take the thermo fans, radiator, alternator, and anything else in the front thats stopping you from getting the timing cover off.
    Once you have the fans and radiator out theres actually a fair bit of room in front of the engine.
    Worse comes to worse you could always take your front bumper off and move the air conditioning condenser out the way and get to it from the front if you find you don't have enough room.
    Also make sure you consult the workshop manuals when you do it. This website here has all the workshop manuals for WRX's from 1996 to 2006 https://www.ludicrous-speed.com/automotive/impreza/fsm/
    Its my bible and i use it almost every time i work on my 05 wrx