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MCA Suspension

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  • MCA Suspension

    Has anyone here by chance used a set of MCA Street Essentials or Street Performance coilovers?

    as im looking for some reviews about how either one performs or how good they are but cannot seem to find anything useful.

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    I've personally never heard of them.

    I'd start here if you're looking for reviews:


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      MCA suspension is pretty highly regarded and you are best to contact them directly to discuss your requirements as they will give you a run down on your options and potential settings.


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        MCA used to be the bees knees when it came to cheap affordable coilovers; but they've slowly upped their price, as their name has gotten bigger.

        A few cheapies that are worth a look at these days are:
        and good old BC racing.

        A bit of advice; if there is an option to run slightly lower spring rates on Australian streets, select that.
        For a track, do what you need, but most of those 10k/12kg setups aren't designed for our shitty roads, so you need to go slightly softer to make it work.

        For example, I had BC's which came with 10kg from, 12kg rear (In a DC5 chassis) it was INSANE. Both in cornerning performance, but also in pain while driving over bumps.....

        Changed it up for 7kg front 9kg Rear? And It's much more street tame. It's still firm, but my father with a sore back is now able to ride in it, so long as I take it easy.