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    How much more HP can I safely get out of my 2013 outback 2.5i if I flash the ecu? I woukd like some more power, but I dont want to blow it up since its my daily driver.

    Anyone have experience with this?

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    If it's naturally aspirated, it's not going to make any power that it can't handle

    I would never install a flash map without checking it on a dyno. The gains will probably be minimal.
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      Heyyyyy I've messed with a few of these, and I have a tactrix cable too, so you know I did it far too often :P
      MHR1294 is correct, your power gains are minimal; however there ARE some to be made, but they have a catch.

      You can leave pretty much everything stock, and safely advance timing across the board by 2~4 degrees (watching for knock!!!!!!!! log any changes you make!!!! the Tactrix can do thsi with an SD card for you) then run a higher octane fuel.

      I think you'll get away with 95Ron if you only advance 2 degrees; as that car is intially designed for some pretty shitty 91ron (I actually think they were designed with 89ron in mind).

      You'll probably see an easy 5-7% more power on higher octane fuel, with 2-4deg of advance.
      ONCE AGAIN, watch for knock.

      There is always a chance that you actually lose some power if you over-advance, even before reaching a knock threshold, however 2 degrees on a car designed for low octane is unlikely to be an issue.

      The REAL benefits in an NA subaru comes when you get an E85 custom reflash; you'll usually pay about $1k for that on the dyno (as it can't be live tuned).
      You'll see very little additional power, but the extra liquid means an artificial increase in compression, means much more torque. Quite noticable; and being NA, you don't run the tank dry as often as when you use E85 on boosted applications.

      I think the fastest (stock) car I ever messed with, with the flash tuner was a new 86GT.
      Since it was bone stock, he found a map from the states, left all the auto-tuning and safety's enabled of the stock ECU, and just flashed it.
      I thought he was an idiot! New car? Random internet map? He lucked out....
      Pure 'E70 or better' map; and holy HELL did it pull.
      I mean, it wasn't whoosh tsututu boosted drift car fast, but the 1:1 comparison between a stock 86, and a stock 86 with a E85 tune?
      Quite impressive. Nothing except butt dyno to go by; but I was VERY skeptical, didnt expect it to work, and it wasn't my car, so I wan't as bias as I could have been if I'd have WANTED it to be quick.
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        Thanks for all this info guys!


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          Originally posted by Justin zurita View Post
          Thanks for all this info guys!
          No problem; Who were you going to get to flash it, and using what?