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Best exhaust for perfomance?

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  • Best exhaust for perfomance?

    Just wondering if anyone is able to tell me away the best exhaust to get for my car for performance would be
    not concerned about noise
    car - 2000 mazda 323 bj astina - engine 1.8L

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    You can ask here.

    There is not a lot of movement...


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      Removing the Catalytic converter if you're in a country where emissions isn't a big concern is a viable idea. More power and more noise.


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        @Svenironhand You actually need to dyno test to prove that on a vehicle-to-vehicle basis.
        When cat's first became a thing, BIG engines were the norm, and even the best designed cat would strangle their breathing.
        With smaller engines, usually manufacturers will oversize the cat to avoid any issues like that.
        In addition, if the company bothered doing any actual exhaust tuning, often a cat is placed to stop back-pulses from the exhaust (the 'rebound' of the pulse, heading back TOWARD the cylinder), and often it'll be designed to narrow the tube an exact amount in order to increase gas velocity; improving performance, not hurting it.
        Odds of having quite that much research and testing on a family-car (especially a Mazda....)? Very small.
        But odds of having it placed an exact distance to prevent rebound pressure (that can be done with very simple math); quite possible.
        There's every chance you're right, but you can't just assume that no cat = better performance is true, on modern small (sub 4L) engines.

        My mate has one of these; we did a lot to it.
        Best is a 2.5" exhaust, from a long-tube header, high flow cat (200 cell), ending in a 2.25" muffler.

        Don't get a 100cell, even though it SOUNDS like it would flow better, truth is that the mesh isn't dense enough to self support; so it usually has spikes or tabs holding it in; which are solid bits of steel. Much less flow past a 1cm 'post' than simply a nice even (denser) mesh.

        You do NOT want to straight pipe these, I kid you not, we could hear his car an entire SUBURB away, thats not an exaggeration.


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          There we go myth busted. Lots of people believe that no cat = better performance.Master_Scythe hearing a small 4 cylinder car that far is so annoying. I had a '99 ford fiesta 1.3L endura-e (the ugly one