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Nissan s13 bad idle and drives like sh&@...

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  • Nissan s13 bad idle and drives like sh&@...

    Hi everyone im having a huge problem with my Nissan 200sx s13 (European model with ca18det engine)
    A little backstory, about 5 years ago a piston ring broke and I first decided to upgrade to a rb25det engine. But my limited knowledge on engine swapping changed my mind and I got my hands on a spare ca18det engine from a guy that was going to upgrade to a Rb25det, so there was nothing wrong with the Ca18det before he pulled it out.

    Now 5 years later i finally had the time to putt it in my car and turn the key. But it has relay uneven idle and when i drive around and hit 3k-4k rpm it bogs down and wont accelerate.

    The engine mods on the car is:
    - New fuel rail (original injectors)
    - New FPR (brand "Drift")
    - High flow fuel filter
    - Better Fuel-pump (got it with the car so not sure what brand and flow)
    - Upgraded ignition coils
    - Oil cooler
    - Bigger radiator with two electrical fans
    - Air filter
    - blow-off valve
    - mechanical boost controller
    - Nistune chip in ECU

    I think that is all I have done to it as far as mods go.

    I did a LOG in Nistune when i drove (attached) and you can see that when i rev up the "injection time" just drops all of a sudden im guessing that has something to do with it bogging down but i dont know as im pretty new to the whole Nistune thing.

    Do you guys have any clue to what it can be?
    I have tried looking for vacuum leaks, but haven been able to find any.
    I have cleaned the MAF and the AAC/IAC.
    Checked timing belt turned CAS in all directions without change.

    Do you guys have any ides? im pulling my hair out here :P
    happy for any suggestions (except throw the CA18DET in the trash) :P <3
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    That sounds like a bit of a bummer for sure. Could be something with the fuel delivery, either the fuel pump not working optimally or a blockage somewhere? I'm only guessing but might be worth looking into. Or as it's a different engine is there some kind of "limp home" mode that kicks in and strangles the fuel delivery?