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Clutch problems

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  • Clutch problems

    Hey guys about a month ago I bought a 96 lexus sc400 with w58 5sp swap from a 85 supra. I drove it for about a month when out of nowhere I couldn't put in into gear while driving. I pumped the clutch and then I was about to put it in. This issue kept coming back from time to time. My first thought was to change the tranny fluid which I did. Then a day later the clutch pedal went straight to the floor. I then bled the system, replaced the master cylinder (the slave seemed to be working) and adjust the clutch pedal push rod. The clutch felt like normal but I still couldn't put it in gear. I looked underneath and could see that the slave cylinder is pushing the clutch fork but I don't think it's enough to fully disengage the clutch at least those are my thoughts. Idk what else I could do the previous owner said that it worked fine just the way it was