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Legacy running Rich.

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  • Legacy running Rich.

    So I bought a 2002 Subaru Legacy Sedan (EJ251)and when the car idles there is a very strong fuel smell coming from the exhaust that burns my eyes and nose. Also I don't know if it's normal on my car but there is water coming out of the exhaust. (Is it just from the Cat?)
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    20200919_084531.jpg Holy crap guys, check this out. So I just opened up my airbox and this is what I find... Its absolutely horrific. Could this be the cause of the high fuel consumption (12.6l/100km) on the highway at 80km/h?
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      OK, so, DAMN, lol, replace that boy.

      Water out the exhaust is good, what happens when you compress Hydrogen and Oxygen? Water. That just means you have good compression.

      o2 sensors only last about 100'000kms, and because they're more expensive than alot of sensors (about $100) people raely change them; then wonder why their fuel economy is low.

      Something that is worth doing on EVERY subraru that's second hand, is biting the bullet, because it won't be cheap, and getting a new MAF and a new Primary o2 sensor.


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        Bro. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely do that. You'll definitely save money replacing the sensors vs the bad fuel economy costing you over time. I had a 1999 Ford Fiesta that I cleaned the o2 sensor on (I used CRC QD Contact Cleaner) and it saved a ton of money in fuel costs.

        I was thinking of getting a faux secondary o2 sensor (the one after the cat) and removing the cat. What do you think?


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          If that's one of the models with 2 cats, sure; if not, then I wouldn't bother. Subaru (single) cats are not very restrictive at all.
          No point hurting the planet when you have no other 'power mods' that would make the cat be a problem.

          Cleaning MAF sensors is a very big hit-or-miss thing.
          Usually, you DO manage to clean off old oil and gunk, but because it's a hotwire MAF, usually the oil that was on it, has boiled away the protective coating on the hotwire, and it has changed resistance anyway.

          Considering the state of that airfilter though; proper MAF cleaner used sparingly, and a brand new (genuine) primary o2, will do you wonders.

          I've tried every aftermarket primary O2 on that generation of subaru when I was tuning a mates; they're all SLIGHTLY off somehow, when reading what it made the engine do (I had a wideband slightly further down).

          If they're too expensive locally; look into any of the websites that ship from the UAE; parts are so cheap there it's criminal (hopefully not literally :P)


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            Awesome thanks for the advice. I definitely will try get my hands on a genuine primary o2 sensor.