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Upgrading intercoolers

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  • Upgrading intercoolers

    Ok boys and girls,

    Forgive me if this is a really dumb question but I have tried to do some research and not come up with an answer. I'm looking at upgrading my intercooler on my 2014 triton... now do I need to use ones that are made specifically for my car or can I put anything on provided im happy to fabricate the mounts and piping?

    Hypothetically could I whack an evo intercooler on there, or is there more too it than that?


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    Pretty much as long as it provides better cooling anything will work. Usually bigger is better, however say you put a huge intercooler like one made for a 25 liter truck there is a limit to how much good it will do.


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      You can put anything on there you wish, it's just a pressure chamber with cooling fins.
      But that's where you need to consider size; pressure chamber.

      I'll make up some easy round numbers to use as an example.
      If your current intercooler is 10L, and your turbo spools 5L per second? That's a potential 2 seconds of 'lag' coming from off-boost to on-boost.
      If you doubled it's size and went to a 20L intercooler, you now have 4 seconds of delay.

      Once it's pressurised, its all 'same same' so it's only the initial off boost to on boost step that it'll affect, but it can be significant.

      It's actually what causes most subie guys to claim 'lag' from a front mount. They usually blame piping length (which, yes, is also adding volume) but they forget the intercooler is about 3X the original size now.

      Thats why the injenfront mount intercoolers on subaru's are tiny.

      tldr: you can use any of them, try to only increase the size minimally, unless your supporting mods call for more.