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'99 Mira TR brake help

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  • '99 Mira TR brake help

    Hi everyone, we just purchased a JDM import Mira TR (L710s) and we need some help find and sourcing front brake parts. I'm trying to find brake part numbers so I can do a cross reference to see if we have anything in Canada that will match up. If not then I'll try importing some parts, but right now I'm having a hard time just trying to find the right parts for the car.

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    Not guaranteed but as you seem to have the small engine (660cc)

    04465B5020 brake pads (Brembo: P16 009)


    4351297203 brake discs (Brembo: 08.9138.11)

    might fit. It's what I'd order if I had to replace brakes, with the risk of having to return some or all of it.

    hope I could give you a first indication.


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      It looks like those are the small “pinned” brakes. Mine look like these
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        Ok they definitely are different. The brand is written and beneath there apparently is a parts number. Maybe you can find this number.


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          Have you tried reaching out to any import parts specialists? They might be able to provide some guidance or even have the parts you need. It could also be helpful to contact the manufacturer or a dealer in Japan to get the exact part numbers.
          i read many info about brakes here If all else fails, importing the parts might be your best bet. It may seem daunting, but there are many reputable importers out there who can assist you with sourcing and shipping the parts you need.​


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            Akebono Ceramic Brake Pads offer superior stopping power, quiet performance, longer pad and rotor life, and advanced NVH solutions.

            There's who made your last brake pads.
            They're going to be the ones who can cross reference those numbers for you; you're right that online is a bit of a dead end, but at least the company still exists