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Team Endless Japan are coming with their Mazda FD RX7!

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  • Team Endless Japan are coming with their Mazda FD RX7!

    Imagine if you spent your days designing some of the world’s best brakes at one of Japan’s leading motorsport brake manufacturers. Then you spent your nights and weekends tinkering on your Mazda RX7. You take it to the track to “test” the new brakes you have designed and also compete in Evome time attack at Tsukuba circuit.

    Then imagine if you came second to the one and only Suzuki-san in his Scorch Racing S15 Silvia with a lap time of 55.6 seconds. Now imagine if you could come down to Australia to compete at the 2013 World Time Attack Challenge! Meet Atsushi Shimaya and his Team Endless/ADVAN/Sunoco/R-Magic RX7

    You see Shimaya-san is one of the lead designers at ENDLESS and also a complete time attack nut. His RX7 has been built not only as a test bed for their products bit also a weekend warrior that he can punt around the track.

    No Pro drivers are required as Shimaya-san always handles the driving duties himself. This makes him a perfect fit for the new Pro Am Class and that is exactly where he has entered his RX7. And what an insane car it is!

    Built by Shimaya-san himself with the help of Japanese rotary tuning aces R magic, the car features all the best gear in Japan crammed into a well sorted chassis. At its heart is a heavily ported 13B engine with a HKS TO4Z hanging off the side. HKS also supplied the transmission with a 6 speed sequential taking care of shifting duties.

    The suspension is also top line with remote canister Swedish made Ohlins shock absorbers under each corner. The brakes as you can imagine, are the best available from the Endless catalogue.

    “We now have a full field of fifteen cars including three international entries in the new Pro Am Class” said Superlap CEO Ian Baker “so it appears this class will be one of the most popular. With Pro Style “aero” cars driven by their owners it truly is something that many of our fan base can really relate to, as they realise that one day it could be them out there, and to have a Japanese entry in there well that is just the icing on the cake!”



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